How CENTREPIECE is combating the skilled worker shortage

It’s been a challenging few years for the events industry – from the pandemic to the subsequent skilled worker shortage sweeping the country. 

And with unemployment the lowest it’s been in almost 50 years (3.5%), the ongoing struggle for hospitality staff, event coordinators and contractors continues to cause stress for many across the industry. 

At CENTREPIECE, a mix of innovation, forward-thinking and quality relationships are helping ensure customers and employees continue to choose to work with our team of events professionals.

The situation 

According to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, almost a third (31%) of employing businesses are struggling to find suitable staff, while 41% have experienced disruptions to their supply chain.  

This has been further fuelled by labour shortages caused by the pandemic, including a lack of international students and workers.

Taryn Evans, Head of People Experience at Melbourne & Olympic Parks, said as a whole, the industry was feeling the pinch.  

“The events industry, like many others, was hit hard during the pandemic – and the flow on effects are still being felt, especially with regard to finding and hiring staff,” she said. 

“We’ve been fortunate to have worked through the disruptions since opening our doors in January. Thanks to our loyal and dedicated workforce who stuck with us through the pandemic, we were able to spring straight into action and deliver the exceptional level of service we pride ourselves on.” 

What CENTREPIECE is doing about it 

Amid the shortage, businesses like CENTREPIECE are putting business sustainability front of mind to keep events running and retain staff.  

This includes investing in local communities by sourcing Victorian produce and products – from food and beverage to furniture. This not only helps keep small businesses running but keeps CENTREPIECE’s supply chain close to home – something that has been an advantage with recent disruptions throughout the country. 

The CENTREPIECE team also have a great love of innovating and creating – a trait staff inspire and are inspired by.

From best-in-class technology to rigging gymnasts from the ceiling, working on an event at CENTREPIECE offers endless possibilities. And designing events that fulfil, as well as challenge, staff ability, ensures they enjoy the work they produce.  

As a result, CENTREPIECE has a pool of casual staff who feel a sense of loyalty and value the possibilities for ongoing employment or future career pathways. This extends to the venue’s broader staff network, where long-term career goals and development are a priority. 

“At CENTREPIECE, we’ve made a real effort to build lasting relationships with our team members,” Evans added.

“Regardless of how you are engaged with us – casual, full-time or anything in between – we’re big on creating career pathways and making our workplace a fun and inclusive environment where people love coming to work.

“We’re in the business of creating the very best experiences for our guests – the same goes for our people.” 

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