Farm to Fork: Exploring the demand for sustainable food

In a world that is increasingly conscious of environmental impact, the demand for sustainability has surged.

CENTREPIECE is sustainable by design, having achieved LEED Gold certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, but that is not the only way CENTREPIECE champions sustainability. 

The CENTREPIECE kitchen serves produce primarily sourced from local suppliers based in Victoria, while the commitment goes beyond just locally sourced; it encompasses the entire supply chain, including the reduction of waste, the use of renewable resources, and the preservation of biodiversity.  

What does sustainable food mean? 

From farming to cooking, sustainable food considers the long-term health and productivity of our food system.

Our culinary experts have hand-picked sustainable ingredients from local producers, using Victorian suppliers wherever possible. Our aim is to support local businesses and the Victorian economy, while also limiting food miles associated with sourcing fresh produce. 

Being mindful of how we use natural resources to grow, harvest, cook, transport and dispose of food is the first step to a more sustainable food future.  

Improving our food sustainability

Supply chain process

Food supply chains include producers, processors, wholesale and retail. Having full clarity on each stage of the supply chain allows businesses like CENTREPIECE to provide a farm-to-fork service with our dishes, bringing a closer connection to the food.  

Our team look to work directly with suppliers to reduce the steps in the supply chain, ensuring we know where our food comes from and how it is produced.

Shortening food miles 

At CENTREPIECE, many of our dishes use locally sourced produce from Victoria. This is consciously chosen in order to shorten the distance between the farm and the consumer.

By sourcing food locally whenever possible, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation, as well as supporting local farmers and suppliers.

Seasonal produce 

Sustainable food menus encourage the use of seasonal produce, which promotes biodiversity and supports nature’s cycles.

Seasonal produce is often fresher and more nutritious, making it a delicious choice for consumers as well as a great choice for the environment. 

Our rotating seasonal menus have sustainability at their core, harvesting fresh ingredients from across Victoria wherever possible. 

Reducing food waste 

Another way we support sustainable food practices is by reducing food waste.

By planning carefully, ordering only what we need, properly storing and using produce, and disposing of waste in sustainable ways, we can significantly reduce the amount of food that ends up in landfill.

We’ve additionally recently introduced on-site composting to feed the kitchen garden and reduce the organic waste from our kitchen.

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