Why it pays to host an event over breakfast

As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Something that isn’t so widely echoed is that it’s also one of the best times to host an event.

When you hear ‘breakfast function’, you can’t be blamed for picturing weak cups of tea and stale croissants. But a good breakfast event at a brilliant venue is anything but. 

In fact, there are several benefits to beginning bright and early that span from cost effectiveness to attendee productivity.

Here are the big drawcards to hosting breakfast events.

You’ll save money

Breakfast menus in general tend to be more cost-effective. Where an evening event may see attendees indulge in multiple substantial courses, the nature of breakfast spreads and produce makes it a more economical alternative. And with alcohol off the table, you’ll be reducing your overall bill. 

However, foregoing extravagant dinner menus doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising on the quality of what’s served. At CENTREPIECE, our paddock-to-plate culinary principles ensure we can curate healthy breakfast menu options that will still steal the show.  

This means going above and beyond standard breakfast fare at every opportunity, such as including accommodating all allergen requirements, serving Melbourne-grade barista coffee via espresso machines, and designing bespoke menus that complement your event. 

You’ll boost attendance

Not everyone is a morning person, but you can be confident that almost everyone is a breakfast event person. That’s because it’s the least disruptive time of day. 

Parents, employees and people who simply value their personal time will immediately be more open to attending an event in business hours. This is due to the simple fact that you’re eliminating barriers to access, such as organising babysitters, rescheduling personal commitments and arranging late night transportation. 

Simply put, if you can make it easier to attend, more people will come. 

Guests will be more engaged

Scientifically speaking, people are more alert and focused in the morning. This makes corporate breakfast functions a more impactful and engaging alternative to business dinners, where people can quickly lose focus as soon as the first champagne cork flies. 

If your event has a constructive purpose, such as a corporate planning or strategy session, expect to get more done when you host it over breakfast.  

The day will be more productive

If you’re heading back to the office afterwards, you can also expect to enjoy a more productive rest of the day.  

Not everyone typically has breakfast, but when the menu is packed with fresh local produce – like it is at CENTREPIECE – the benefits to output can be felt well beyond the moment you leave our venue.  

In fact, when you do host corporate breakfast functions at CENTREPIECE, efficiency starts the moment your event ends, with a swift commute back to the office thanks to our location close to the city, amidst major transport links. That way, you’re not losing priceless hours travelling to and from a long lunch. 

CENTREPIECE is the ultimate breakfast event venue in Melbourne. With beautiful custom linen, crockery and glassware and signature menus that evolve to suit your needs, rest assured every morning event will feel elevated.


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