The Melbourne events that will inspire your 2023 winter calendar

Winter has a lot of connotations – dark nights, rough weather, gloomy surrounds. But there’s also a lot that winter offers for event planners by way of comfort, ambience, mood and opportunities for creativity.

As Melbourne’s winter comes to an end for yet another year, take a look back at the myriad of events that inspired and excited – from the comfort of the Night Markets, the buzz around new festivals like Rising and the lighting spectacular that is the Lightscape installation.

And as we look to 2023, take note of the events that used innovation to create memorable occasions for all. If you’re an event organiser, see if CENTREPIECE at Melbourne Park could be the blank canvas you need to paint your vision and bring an inspiration to life.

Making the most of the dark

Melbourne’s nightlife is synonymous with its name. And when illuminated by the city skyline, the backdrop of night sets the stage for a new dimension of the event experience – whether that be because of the timeslot, the technology that can be used or the location. The annual Rising festival – which was delayed by the pandemic for two years before finally launching this year – used the dark to take advantage of best-in-class technology, beaming colourful light displays across the heart of the CBD. Lead by its ethos, “let your imagination flourish under the cover of dark,” the season is at the heart of the experience.

Meanwhile, the Lightscape installation at the Royal Botanic Gardens showcased how a big-idea production can be brought to life in iconic surrounds.

Using food to create a feeling

Good food is at the heart of our city’s rich culture and love of live events. And winter presents a seasonal opportunity to bring together an array of local food makers and food lovers from diverse backgrounds. The Winter Night Market at Queen Victoria Market combined all three to create an event that celebrates everything that is good about Melbourne in a language everyone can understand. But importantly, they are famous for food that ensures when you think back, you think cosy, not cold.

Winter can seem grim, but inspiration is everywhere. The cold temperatures don’t have to mean doom and gloom: events and experiences can use the season as an advantage, counterbalancing the winter winds and short days with cosiness, connection and spectacular production.

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